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Havel Excavating is a residential and commercial provider of excavation, earth moving, site preparation, and much more.  Whether its preparing the land to create a basement, build a driveway, sewer and water connections, or more, Havel Excavating is the go to company.

Basement Excavation

Basements are fully integrated into building structures and must be well constructed enough to help support the rest of the building above. Digging a hole for a basement is not as simple as starting up a backhoe. Techniques for excavating basement holes vary and must be changed for each situation or building site. There are soil problems to be considered at each location. Soil sliding is a common problem faced in basement excavation. Because of soil sliding or collapse any type of digging technique must have some type of protective support system. Havel Excavating will work closely with your builder to ensure that you get the correct basement excavation for your structure.

Building Pads and Building Sites

When you need a building pad or a building site Havel Excavating can help you. We can help you at all phases of construction – clearing and leveling a spot for a house or if you need dirt hauled in, compacted, moved or leveled on site.   Havel Excavating has the skills necessary to properly prepare your location.  And after construction we can provide the proper finish grade around your structure.


In construction, backfill replaces soil that has been moved during construction or excavating, and is used to strengthen and support the foundation.  Backfill is usually a combination of soil, stones and rocks.  The areas around a foundation are graded with backfill to promote better water drainage.  Sod or grass may be planted to blend with the surrounding area.

Road and Driveway Building

With most construction, there is a need for a road or driveway and Havel Excavating can help you with this project also. Road building takes experience working with the different soils in the area and knowing what type of fill will hold up to the loads needed. We also take into consideration the grade and location of where the road is.  No matter if you need to regrade or just starting a new driveway, you can count on Havel Excavating.


With Havel Excavating full service, we grade the land for residential and commercial structures.

If you have any questions or would like us to bid on a project of yours, please fill out the quick contact form on this page and we will get back to you shortly. Call Havel Excavating today at 763-428-4952 and mention you saw us on the web.

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