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Demolition Contractor

Do you need it tore down, knocked out, ripped up and the taken off the property? Then we are just the demolition contractor you are looking for. We have the experience and capabilities to and safety complete all types of demolition efficiently. We have handled the take-down of concrete foundations, steel, concrete and wood structures, buildings, and more.

We use the latest and best demolition equipment for all of our projects, whether it’s a residential dwelling or commercial.

Concrete Tear Out

We are a demolition contractor that has the equipment and the know-how for breaking up concrete to manageable pieces for any residential or commercial projects.

Driveway Tear Out

Existing Driveway, parking lots in time will need to be replaced so call Havel Excavating to tear it out. we will not only tear it out but we will also remove the debris and regrade the surface.

Foundation Removal

We have specialized equipment for removing below-grade foundations and footings of all sizes. Including but not limited to, house or garage foundations, below-grade foundations, large commercial, residential or military building foundations.

Structural Demolition and Teardown

There are different types of structures that Havel Excavating can demolish. If you are looking for a house demolition, building demolition, warehouse demolition or just a demolition contractor to handle the teardown of a structure you have the right demolition contractor.

Debris Removal

No matter what form of demolition we do for you, there is always debris to clean up. Havel Excavating is a demolition contractor that provides a full range of services including debris removal and haul-away which makes way for our client’s new improvements.


Improper Drainage, flooding and land erosion can cause significant property damage. With Havel Excavating full service, we can dig and move dirt around to get the proper grade for your residential or commercial property.

If you have any questions or would like us to bid on a project of yours, please fill out the quick contact form on this page and we will get back to you shortly. Call Havel Excavating today at 763-428-4952 and mention you saw us on the web.

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